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Health/Fitness Club

We do a workout routine from Sean T (Focus T25) and also discus nutrition. Focus T25 is an intense 25 minute workout routine. It is divided into 2 phases: Alpha Phase and Beta Phase. Each phase lasts 1 month. It comes with a calendar that tells you which workout to do on what days and a calendar to track your progress. We try to offer incentives for students that stick to the workout.


Music Club

This club welcomes students who appreciate and have a talent for the art of music, whether it be playing an instrument or singing. Currently our club includes players of various instruments: guitar, keyboard and xylophone. Important to note is that this is a student-led club, which means that members learn from each other. With students of different talents and skill level, the beauty of our club is the way our members work together to help each other learn new songs and develop their skills. Our meetings are casual, with the goal being simply to play, practice, and enjoy music. Although we might sound like the laid-back club, we are the go-to club to perform at school events – whether it be playing the national anthem, or entertaining the crowd at one of our school shows.