We believe in the total education of each student in keeping with his/her dignity as a human person and in accordance with each one’s personal talents, abilities and potential. Through an educational program which takes into account all of the aspects of the human person, physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, religious and moral, we strive to enable our students to think critically about the issues and problems of our society, to make decisions from a Catholic, Christian perspective, and to become positive contributors to and future leaders in our society.

E d u c a t i o n

To provide a well-rounded curriculum that conforms to the education requirements of the Ministry of Education.

E n v i r o n m e n t

To foster academic excellence, creating an atmosphere conducive to study, discipline and positive motivation.

U n i t y

To create, within the school, a community of faith, hope and love and to foster the development of Catholic, Christian leadership.

C o m m u n i t y

To help the students translate the Catholic, Christian message into tangible forms of concern and service towards others.

H e a l t h

To promote physical well-being, wholesome health habits and the development of athletic abilities and skills.

P a t r i o t i s m

To develop a sense of patriotism with an appreciation of our national heritage, civic responsibility, and social consciousness both toward our own country and the larger world community. The School will ensure that due respect is paid to our National symbols, especially the flag and the Anthem.

C u l t u r a l
D i v e r s i t y

To encourage knowledge, appreciation and acceptance of the richness present in the various ethnic/cultural groups that make up our country, our area and our school community.


  • Atmosphere

    We are committed to creating in our school an atmosphere that is permeated by the message of love and peace. Religious and moral values are taught since the school is Catholic oriented, not only through the religious curriculum, but also fostered throughout the school day.

  • Love

    We are committed to providing the necessary guidance and loving concern to help the students accept the realities of life with courage and hope, to change whatever can be changed, and to remain steadfast in their Catholic, Christian convictions.

  • Spirit

    We are committed to creating at the school a “family spirit” lived in friendship, spontaneity and joy. This spirit unites the administration, staff, parents and pupils in a cooperative effort to achieve our educational goals.

  • Technology

    We are commited to integrating technology for meaningful learning. This learning approach supports the idea that technology is a cognitive tool that can be used to expand a student's education.